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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Surf Style

I'm currently trapped in my room/the library finishing off my thesis. Frustratingly, being stuck inside always makes me dream of being on holiday, and at the moment that particular dream is focussed on a beautiful beach with some waves to surf on. 

So, instead of booking a holiday (hello overdraft) I treated myself to some cute t-shirts from Rapanui, whose surf style always makes me think of BBQs on the beach and messing about in the waves. 

Rapanui are an eco friendly fashion company based on the Isle of Wight, and produce their t-shirts with eco-friendly materials like Bamboo and organic cotton and use wind power in their factories. 

(I love the nautical theme)

They also have really awesome labels that tell you about your product's eco-credentials. You can go on the 'traceability' section of their site to see where your product was made and what sort of carbon footprint it has. The packaging they are posted in is even biodegradable.... awesome. 

(Son of a beach .... my favourite!)

I will be putting up a post shortly about how I've styled them, but for now why not read a bit more about them here! 

P.S. They look awesome with a pair of MonkeeGenes and some Converse! 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bamboo Revolution - Eco friendly watches

Sometimes the hardest part of trying to be sustainable is accessories. While clothing and beauty companies are slowly but surely changing their ways, accessories companies are still a way behind. 

Therefore, I was super please to be contacted by Bamboo Revolution, who produce stylish watches in South Africa with bamboo and locally sourced leather. The company was a micro-financed start up, founded by university students in Cape Town, South Africa, and has grown and grown since 2012. In November last year they hit London, where you can now find them stocked in a range of places - in particular, hipsters paradise Shoreditch. 

The watches retail at £69.95, which is a steal when you consider they are hand made and real leather. 

The watches are not only made from eco friendly materials (bamboo is fab for the environment) but their production provides employment for artisans in Cape Town, which suffers from high levels of HIV, poverty and racial violence. Bamboo Revolution also gives a percentage of their profits to charity - what generous guys! 

Check them out here, or buy them from Not on the High Street here

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Mexico - Retiro Maya

Retiro Maya is a beautiful, modest retreat in Tulum, Mexico run by a wonderful lady called Luu. During my research I interviewed Luu about her experience of tourism in Tulum, and was kindly given the opportunity to stay in the retreat for the night. The retreat comprises of 13 cabanas (individual traditional wooden rooms) of varying sizes, a restaurant, a beach bar and of course... the beach itself! 

Image: Retiro Maya 

Retiro Maya offers a range of 'healing' retreats and 'self discovery' breaks, but it's also perfect for a relaxing break by the beach, and makes a perfect spot from which to discover the Tulum area. The master suite is especially beautiful - honeymooner's take note! 

The master suite - image: Retiro Maya

Retiro Maya caters for individual guests and groups as well as organised trips such as Yoga retreats, weddings and ceremonies. The Yoga workshop can open out into a work space, dining space or party space and is decorated with Luu's own art work. 

Pallapa beach umbrellas 

The retreat is highly sustainable, with all the cabanas being build from locally sourced materials, using solar and wind power instead of electricity and training local people from the bottom up so that they become long lasting members of the Retiro Maya family. 

 The beach bar  

The retreat is incredibly calming; I lay for hours by the beach and just relaxed - something I very rarely get to do! You feel completely and utterly safe here, and a million miles away from everything. However, if you feel you need to be just that little bit closer to your normal life; their wifi is excellent!

                                               A double cabana                                                      

Up the garden path...

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